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Annie Lowrey’s article,” Why Can’t the Government make it Easier to Compare College Costs?” published in Slate magazine is a genuine urge to the Government to take action by simplifying the college application process. This is a very cautiously written article to discuss the need of a College Scorecard for students. Why do I say “Cautious”? Ms. Lowrey’s has a warped attitude towards the colleges and universities. This is evidenced strongly allover the article. I strongly believe that Ms. Lowrey has denied the existence of colleges with their own professors and administration.

Ms Lowrey sketches a perfect comparing example for readers by mentioning “the car labels” introduced by the Department of Transportation. “Consumer-friendly” term for
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Her concept of labeling schools arises from two important points. One, it’s a very huge investment and second, increase in annual tuition rates by 125% over thirty years. She conveys the canonical facts of inflation indebtedness students lug after completing college or joining a job. Government and Education policymakers should be acutely aware of the plight of a student coming from a lower class or lower middle class family. Being educated from Harvard in English Literature, she has developed and researched the topic and laid out the facts and figures very beautifully for the…show more content…
Lowrey’s inclination for the betterment of student life while in college and beyond can be understood from her Harvard education. Harvard University is ranked the best globally based on its academic reputation and research. Millionaires and billionaires can afford to send their children to a $60,000 per year of university school, but for those families at the higher reaches of the middle class, Harvard tuition is still a large chunk of a family’s income. Moreover, a student has to be a concert pianist or find a cure for cancer to get admission into Harvard. Maintenance of a perfect GPA throughout the semester years is also mandatory. Does it not put the student under a lot of pressure academically and financially? However, scrutinizing Harvard University through the lens of Ms. Lowrey’s “college label” or a “scorecard” brings a perfect picture of a highly ranked university creating a perfect atmosphere for its students. Any student picturing Harvard from a scorecard would be amazed but oblivious to the ever-looming requirements that plague a student throughout the years of study. Should a weaker student from a billionaire family enter Harvard? I do not think
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