Essay On Why College Cost Increased

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Year by year as college costs increase, and most wonder why. One of the main reasons that college tuition has risen is because of inflation. Inflation is the natural increase in cost of living. Another big factor of increased college costs would be demand. According to, “The fact that more students than ever are attempting to get a college degree allows colleges to be aggressive in how they price their tuition They do not have to worry about scaring off a few students with high prices because there are plenty of others willing to pay full fare. This demand is welcomed by schools since it allows them to expand their programs, add amenities, and raise staff salaries”. The baby boom group born between 1988 and 1995 have flooded colleges with demand for a limited number of spots, and that’s one reason why college costs increased. Forbes also states that Part of the issue is due to the tenure policy at colleges. Most of those who attend college now are…show more content…
If students used the student loan money wisely they would not be in so much debt as well as not having to take so much out and paying so much back in the long run. For example, if you receive your loan and are spending it on luxuries items all the time it’s only going to hurt you because you will end up having to pay back more than what you should have had to in the first place. Many young college attenders face this situation because they have no past experiences with handling money more responsibly. Learning to budget their money more has helped graduates successfully.As many stress of the inflation of college we all learn to live with it. Even though tuition is increasing we all attend college at the highest price. As college can’t be paid by a summer job, if many use money very wisely and get the most out of their money, they will be able to be successful in their college journey. There’s not much school attenders can do because of inflation and
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