College Debt Reflection Paper

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At the beginning of this project, I didn’t completely understand what I hoped to accomplish. There were numerous topics to choose from, but none sparked an interest in me. Then I remembered how I read this article in Consumer Reports during the summer that was about college debt and how it has affected so many people. I concluded that possibly I can help high schoolers before they were in college about the potential costs and what they can do to make college a worthwhile experience. And so, I began with one main question. Is earning a college degree worth the debt that you might incur?
I recognize myself as incredibly blessed with the opportunity that I have regarding payments required with college. All the expenses of my time at college, not including books, will be settled for by my Father, and for this I am truly grateful. Nevertheless, I began to contemplate the other high schoolers who do not have this opportunity like I do. With this thought in my mind, I decided to focus my community experience on educating high school seniors about the costs of college. I wanted to be able to help them understand how much it would cost to
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Before, I had no idea how much college can cost, or how a loan might hurt more than help. I always figured a loan is okay, if you pay it off. But I didn’t realize, for example, much about interest, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans, or even what FAFSA was. This is all entails general knowledge high school seniors should know by the time they are getting close to graduation. Completing this project made me realize how fortunate I am to have my college expenses taken care of, and I will not take that for granted. I believe that my project made a difference in all those who heard or was a part of it, and in the coming years that education of high schoolers, regarding college costs and financial aid, will be more
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