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There are many benefits, I feel, to getting a college degree in any major. Just having a college degree makes your salary a lot greater than if you had only a high school degree. It also opens more opportunities for what kind of jobs that you can have. For example, in a factory you may be only in a minor entry-level job, but with a college degree you can get a better job in the factory. The degree will also open up the places that you can live after you graduate. Normally you have to live wherever you can find a job and with a college degree you qualify for more jobs so that gives you places you can potentially live in the future. Another benefit, even though it does not apply to me, is that you can join the military as an officer. Normally …show more content…

There are a couple of reasons I chose to go here for preferred major in engineering. One very important reason I chose this college, even though it could apply to others, is my participation in the HSTA program offered in most high schools in WV. Through the HSTA program I am able to get around eighty to eighty-five percent of my college tuition payed for by the grant that they give to me. Another reason I chose this college is that it is close to home and it is there area I have been in almost the entire time I have been alive. Morgantown is only 30 minutes away from where I live so I have been there almost every week for the past couple of …show more content…

One thing that you can do is be the person that tells the aircraft mechanics how to do a repair on a particular part of an engine. Sometimes there is no place in the manuals that give a way to repair the part that you have and an engineer has to come up with a way that he or she believes that it can be fixed. The engineer will sit down and think about all the components that go into what should happen to fix the specific engine part that they have in front of them. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to months. After the engineer has figured out a repair for the part in front of them, they will have to explain the repair to the Federal Aviation Administration and justify why the repair should work on that part in the engine that is came out of. There is also another job that an aerospace engineer can do. An engineer can design an aircraft. This can be anything from just figuring out a specific part for the new engine to figuring out a complete new design of an aircraft. After the engineer would figure out the design of the aircraft or new part it would have to go into test. The testing process means that an engine or part of an engine is started then stopped repeatedly till something fails. The engineer will then examine it to see what failed and compare it to more trials to see at what point the engine will need to be repaired when it is actually in use. This process

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