College Diploma Narrative

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As the monotonous alarm clock rang in my ear I sat up and faced the wall opposite my bed. Amidst all the photos, posters and other random items there was a blank space with a sticky note reading “reserved for college diploma”. Every morning I read the sticky note, reminding myself of the decisions I had made and the life they had lead to. As I stretched and stumbled out of bed I felt my feet hit the rug, containing indents due to years of the same thing. I maneuvered myself up the stairs and to the kitchen. There was already a pot of coffee brewing and the wafting aroma made me want to scream with joy. As I began pouring myself a cup my mom walked down the stairs and said “What do you think you’re doing? You know the deal, you are allowed to live here, as long as you pay rent, do your own grocery shopping and support yourself.” she reminded me. “I know mom but it’s one cup of coffee, my paycheck hasn’t come in yet and I have no money in the bank right now.”, I pleaded. “Well maybe you should have thought about the side effects when you decided…show more content…
I stepped out of the car only to be bombarded with cameras flashing and reporters asking questions and sticking their microphones towards me. The security guard which had also met me at the entrance cleared a path for me and I rushed into the office. I took the elevator to my office on the top floor and was caught up to date by my secretary. She informed me that the new drug we had just released had been approved by the FDA and that they had stated “this drug is sure to be a success, we believe it is one of the most innovative, resourceful and promising drugs, created by Justine Drappeau, on the market and we are expecting great successes to come from it.”. As she read this to me I couldn’t help but beam with excitement. We had just released a new drug that was not a cure to cancer, but was one step closer. I thanked her and went into my
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