Informative Essay: Arguing For Free College

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Arguing For Free College Education has developed in our society in such a way that its a primary factor on how much we succeed in life. Higher education like colleges should be free to the public since everyone deserves an equal opportunity to receive higher education no matter their financial situations. Its well known that the better education you receive, the more likely your profession will come with an exceptional wage. However, the U.S. only provides free education from K-12 which in recent years that isn’t enough to have a good wage to support a family. It is even known that in the year 2018 McDonalds is insisting for their employees to have a high school diploma or to at least still be in school. So if you think about how a low paying job like McDonalds is insisting for a diploma imagine the level of education better paying jobs like fireman or police officers will be asking for in the future.

Many Americans disagree with free education since in their eyes, they can’t see the U.S. being capable of paying off everyone’s tuition. Their primary argument is that the U.S is already in debt if they were to pay for millions of student’s tuition it would devastate us economically. Its effects could include
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paying college student’s tuitions there is no way the U.S will benefit. If college becomes free then students won’t have the require motivation to do good in school since their money isn’t at play. This for many creates a problem since if many people don’t try in college its becoming a waste of money that the U.S has to pay for. Not to mention just because they say its free it doesn’t mean it actually is. The money has to come from some place and where other than taxes. For the majority of people this would be enraging due to the fact that they would be throwing their money away by giving anyone, even those students who barely passed high school, a chance to college without any guarantee of them
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