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Because a bachelor’s degree does not ensure a stable income anymore, this debt can be crippling and make a person even worse off than someone who did not attend college or someone who pursued an alternative form of higher education. After all, in the article “Plan B: Skip College”, Jacques Steinberg states that “of the 30 jobs projected to grow at the fastest rate over the next decade in the United States, only seven typically require a bachelor’s degree” (1). The quote illustrates the point that few people actually need to go to college to be successful, and only few areas actually require that level of expertise. This leads to the assumption that the only jobs that require a degree and are worth spending a great deal of money on, are the…show more content…
In fact, alternative education might be the best option for current high school graduates, as it costs significantly less than a four-year college education and looks more attractive to prospective employers. Overall, it is important to consider whether the debt can be paid off after graduating and if getting a good job is a realistic expectation. That being said, even with the enormous tuition rates, more people than ever are going to college. Since a bachelor’s degree has become a cultural expectation, some people are forced to choose between getting a degree or being looked down upon for the rest of their lives. This forces people who possess a different skillset than the one colleges are looking for to pursue bachelor’s degrees, even though they would be a better fit for some different higher education institution, like a professional school. A great example of this was in the article “Are Too Many People Going to College”, where a man could choose to become either a mediocre business executive or an outstanding electrician (Murray 3). Common sense would dictate that he’d become an electrician; however, due to cultural norms, he will most likely try to pursue a business degree, as most people these days choose to do. The oversaturation of students like him, ones who are…show more content…
However, because of the ever increasing cost of tuition, unstable job market, the large number of students who have degrees, and the amount of time spent pursuing a bachelor’s, going to college should become more of an option than a requirement. People need to consider getting a specialized education that fits their skills better, rather than trying to fit in and get a bachelor’s degree just because it is what’s expected of them. And while college is well worth the money for doctors or lawyers, there is a limited amount of people that can pursue those professions successfully, therefore, alternative forms of education seem to be more and more valuable and will hopefully take over in the
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