College Education Case Study

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“There are so many accountants but it’s so difficult to get somebody, who is a new graduate, but already knows [the job]. [Their] college education should have prepared them for that.” – Lucy Tarriela, Asst. Treasurer, Employers Confederation of the Philippines.
Yes, I would agree with her in saying that college education should prepare young professionals with the technical know-how of their chosen field, but education given in college is just a part of the total knowledge that a person can gain. One big chunk of the knowledge earned by these newly-graduated professionals is contributed by the experience they earned during their first shot of a job. The academe can’t provide all the things that an employer wants, because first of all our education system is not conducive for that and secondly, especially in the field of accounting, there so many topics, so many specializations that one can take. What is taught in the four walls of a classroom is just the general toolset, often just a theoretical toolset. The employer should also take part on the duty of educating the young professionals, if they do really want to get newly-graduated individuals. If not, they should get experienced ones. Or they should partner with the Commission on Higher Education through giving inputs as to what the universities should have in their curricula.
In my personal experience as a graduating accountancy student of the University of the Philippines, we are taught with the concepts and theories in
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