College Education Dbq

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Imagine you’re sitting in an office with your resume in your hand confident that you have everything that is necessary for the job you are about to interview for. It is everything you could have hoped for. It is your dream job. Despite your heart beating out of your chest, and the blood rushing to your cheeks, you go in for the interview and do amazing. You come out feeling confident. You feel like you have it in the bag, but so does the person interviewing next door. She has an almost identical resume to you. There is one minor costly difference. She has a college degree, and the cumulative experiences she has associated with it is the reason that she gets the job instead of you. This concept may not be something that is constantly playing…show more content…
Getting a proper college education will also lead to you earning more money in your profession. “Adults who graduated from a four-year college believe that, on average, they are earning $20,000 more a year as a result of having gotten that degree.(Source F). According to the U.S Census Bureau, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree make an average salary of $51,206 per year and graduates with an advanced degree make an average salary of $74,602 per year. Non-college graduates make an average salary of $27,915 per year, which is significantly lower than the amount college graduates earn with any degree. A college education can increase the chances for you to get a well- paying job because you are more qualified in your field. Many jobs require the knowledge and the training that a college can provide; if you want to go into a medical profession, you would have to learn about the medical technologies and the language to become at least become an intern, then become a doctor. With a degree, many opportunities become much more accessible than if you just had a high school diploma. Getting an education is much more valuable for your future than going straight into the workforce. Peter Thiel, a co-founder of paypal, offered “24 winners of this Thiel fellowship $100,000 not to attend college for two years and to develop business ideas instead.”(Source E). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an excellent way to get real world experience but, “at least one student initially chosen as a thiel fellowship, however, ended up turning down the deal, opting to continue her traditional education by accepting admission at MIT”(source E). College is a very important step before starting your career, even Mr. Thiel himself said as a student, he would not have applied for the
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