College Education Disadvantages

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So if a college education is indispensable, the challenge as I see it is how to make it more accessible." -Gordon Gee. Preparing students for college is an extremely important aspect of our education system. Indeed, it is many young Bahamians ' dream to go abroad to further their education. But the truth be told, many of them are usually worried sick about leaving for college and for the others, they 're simply just not prepared for the various challenges that can be thrown at them while abroad. This nightmare can even worse for the parents. Former College of The Bahamas English lecturer-William Harry Lewis- expounds the multifarious benefits of the College of The Bahamas for out islands students in his article "From Different Shores: COB Students from the Family Islands." When the fear of whether or not to attend COB arises, both the parents and the student start seeking various alternatives to consider. For many, a year or perhaps two at the College of the Bahamas is usually the first option looked at. Not a bad idea. Attending The College of The Bahamas before studying abroad allows many Bahamian students to experience and obtain background information on various rigorous collegiate level work that will be disclosed to them. Additionally, the college also assists the students in becoming more independent and is the stepping stone for many students to be introduced to their career field.
Academics is a substantial factor in one 's education. At the collegiate level
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