Importance Of College Education

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The Importance of College Education

There are people living on the streets, and there are people living in mansions.There is a very obvious reason why some are so successful, but a large chunk of people have yet to figure out why. College is the road map for a life full of great mysteries and enormous success.Obviously education is the correct path to take,it is the root in all professions.Proceeding with the learning experience is a magnificent way to put students high on the job list,yet many people often question the cost when it comes to universities all over the world.Higher education has proven to give society a more successful life since 1636 (Oachs).
Education is known for putting people on the higher end of the totem pole. No matter
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It was imperative to make people smarter and it still is.Individuals nowadays invent robots,computers,spaceships,bombs,infrared light,some might think it would be dangerous for the human race to become more intelligent. The very first institute,Harvard University was built in 1636 with the idea of new found education and a better future.Intelligence has been important for decades,more people need to understand this idea. John Adams was a huge supporter of high education, he wanted everyone to have the chance to learn, not only the rich and high class(Oachs). This needs to be an opinion widely shared all over our country. “In 1819, the United States was home to forty-nine higher-education institutions. Between 1820 and 1899, this number increased nearly fourteen times, to 721” (Oachs).These numbers are extremely relevant to the history and making of education, they show the true meaning and relevance of schooling.The idea of instruction is very old, yet the importance and quality never died.
College is a huge investment , but it is worth it. The help received from this knowledge will do beneficial things for your employment status. Through education, students are put in line for immense success, people become well rounded and respected. Although money issues do occur, it is an easy thing to overcome. Teaching how to survive in a working environment,as well as in life has been a passion for colleges for decades. Therefore, college is a great contribution to life itself. There are a few challenges like cost, but it is easy to overcome when the outcome is so
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