College Education In College

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Do you ever question if yourself about college, weather you should go to college or not!? Here are some things about college of what is good for you to go! The college is for those who would like to learn more and do better in life when they are on their own. Learning in college will help you out in the world because out there is a lot of things that it has that you need to learn. People that go to college take good work and effort in a job. The college education is really good for you because it will help you get a better job, better employment opportunities, and be more skilled. College education is great for you because it will help you be more advance for the future. For example, sending young Americans to college would be amazing, but “not sending them to college would be a disaster”(David ). If so that students go to college, they will do better in life and make it easy for them. Another example is, skipping “college because the pace of gains has slowed is akin to skipping your heart medications because the pace of medical improvement isn’t what it used to be”(David). More people are going to college because of how much money that they can make. The final example is, the learning introduced, books and music, “the science and the philosophy that form disciplined yet creative habits of mind that are not reducible to the material circumstances of one’s life; though they may depend on those circumstances”( Michel). Going to college to do what you like to do or love will
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