College Education Is Not Worth The Cost Essay

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Parents and teachers in highschool make it seem like the only way to get a good job and make a living is to go to college and get a degree. In the past this might have been true and that the only way to have a solid future. College education is not worth the cost because it can be vastly expensive, create a large amount of debt, and leave the person unprepared for the job. College today can create lots of debt for the student even years after they graduate from college. Although people may argue that a person can take care of the debt faster the person may not have the ability to do so. Some colleges are charging the tuition price of a big name college when they are not as well known and the degree may not go very far. Recently students are (taking on more debt) than they can pay and end up not being able to pay them off (Hacker and Schlesinger). When students graduate college most of them will have debt that they have to pay and many of them can’t pay it off. In highschool people and teachers stress that students need to go to college and it can (cause a sense of panic) in the highschool students (crawford). By putting pressure on high school students they often don 't think about the tuition they have to pay to get in, so they take what they can get to get into college. Parents want the best for their kids and…show more content…
When a person graduates college with student loans and can’t find a job they have to work multiple smaller jobs to make money and pay off the loans. Then when they find a job they are unprepared for everything they have to do because they didn’t learn how to do everything at the same time in college. Instead of going to college and wasting time and money go to a trade school or get an intern or fellowship first so if you do go to college later on you are prepared when you
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