College Education Necessary

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Is College Education Necessary for Future Success? In today’s context, many people choose to go to college. According to the statistics by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (2014), there are more than 2,500,000 college students in Japan today. Students have different reasons why they attend college. One of the biggest reasons is to get a better job opportunity by getting a college degree to be successful in the future(Shinken-Ad, 2013). However, people are misunderstanding that in reality, getting a college degree does not promise your success in the future because college is a place to study your interest and deepen your curiosity. People should not choose to go to college for the reason of better job opportunities in the future…show more content…
Because some companies are specifically looking for college graduates for their new employees, students automatically assume that college education is required to be financially stable in the future. In the human society, money is important, and is necessary. People do work because not only they need money in order to live but also most people's life goals are to make enough money to spend for some luxury, or for their children. That is why being a millionaire is considered as a success by people. They have achieved most people's life goal: being rich and not worrying about money. People who have college diploma are more likely to be financially stable compared to people who only have high school diploma(U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). Due to this fact, people go to college for the better career opportunity in order to make lots of money and be successful in the…show more content…
Even high-level schools like Harvard or Oxford, do not promise students to become elites because what matters is how much effort you put into your schoolwork, extracurricular activity, and time for yourself. Also, a better job makes you rich but a successful life is not all about the money. A college is an option for people who want to continue on studying. It is not necessary for students to go to college if they are only thinking about getting
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