College Education Persuasive Essay

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Every human being has a different way of approaching a problem, and so it is vital that everyone is able to realize their full potential. The high school senior, dreaming of Berkeley at night, may have a new, better approach to curing cancer buried somewhere within their brain. This cure will never be uncovered, though, because for them, Berkeley can never become a reality. Their family could never afford to send them to a school that costs close to $40,000 dollars each year, and so that high schooler gives up on their dream. They give up, because even though their brain is big enough to do well at a UC, their wallet isn’t. Instead of increasing the price of attending a UC, the Board of Regents must make a college education available to everyone.…show more content…
We are a technological world leader, but at the heart of our advancements lies our universal education. From the age of five to eighteen, kids are provided with a free education. This gave everyone the ability to improve their condition in life, gave everyone the hope of the American dream. Now, however, just a high school diploma won’t get you far. Having a degree from a four-year college is proven to increase the amount of money you will make in your lifetime by 1 million dollars. In order for progress to be made, we must make changes to the way the UC system is run. Although it would be economically impossible to make all colleges completely free, they must be made financially affordable for everyone. The UC Board only spends 25% of its funds on the colleges and educating students. The rest goes to laboratories and research facilities, all of which are reaping billions of dollars, and could be entirely self-sufficient. If more money is spent on the original purpose of the UCs, the benefits would be seen by all of California. The individual is not the only person to profit from having a degree, since more revenue means they’ll be paying more in taxes, which can then be put back into making colleges more widely available to all incomes, and will eventually create a golden age in America not seen
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