The Value Of University Education

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In today’s expensive world, it is a common trend that the cost of university education increases as the cost of living increases. Most countries offer free education through high school, yet many question wether university education should be free as well. It is essential to ambitious students to have a university level degree, but not free of cost. These people believe that “if you are good at something, never give it for free”, since anything available for free of cost is hardly valued. Thus, if university education becomes available for free, then students may not find it to be as valuable. Making students aware of the university’s cost would make them more responsible of their studies. According to Matt Bruenig in the article ‘The Case against Free College’, twenty percent of students from the poorest families in the United States attend universities and colleges. On the other hand, in the richest two percent of families, the same number stands at around ninety percent (Bruenig, 2015). As a result, making university education free would be more beneficial to the rich than the poor; thereby increasing further inequality in the society. Therefore, it is essential to have University education on merit basis and not free of cost.
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