College Education: What Makes You In Debt?

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Ashley Nedrick Argument Essay What happens when a college education puts you in debt? What happens when you cannot afford a college education because of the costs? How do you survive in a world where a college education is required but you cannot attend because you are not financially able? People from all over the world are currently battling the dilemma of attending a college and falling into debt or taking a risk and going straight into work with no degree. From new high school graduates to working adults, everyone is now asking themselves “Should I go to college?” and after they ask that question they are face with the question “Can I afford it?” Many would say that college is the way to go but for some tuition alone is un-affordable…show more content…
The thought of bills adding up and not having enough money can cause anyone to feel stressed. If you are a parent, then you want the best education possible for your child. You want for them to go to the best school, get the best grades they possibly can and succeed in all their ventures. It’s hard to fulfil those wants if you simply cannot afford it. There’s enough stress in the average persons daily life and paying for an education should not add to it. Depending on the school, tuition can be anywhere from $2,000 dollars to $40,000 dollars and even more if you plan on living on campus. Many enrolled in college or those that are planning on enrolling simply cannot afford schooling long enough to get the degree they desire. The stress of it all can also cause depression. Depression is not something that you can easily overcome and in a worse case scenario, it can also lead to suicidal thoughts or physical harm. Not knowing how you will able to afford necessities along with school is something you should not wish on anyone, not even your worse enemy. Also, financial stress can cause a major downfall in your grades and if you cannot keep your grades up then you will be paying for an education you cannot even keep up with. Many college students have to work to pay for all of their needs which also puts a damper on things. If you have to work long hours that means you will be spending less time on your studies, but if you do not work then you will not be able to afford the costs. It’s a dilemma that you simply cannot find a solution

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