College Education Worth The Cost Essay

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With an ever changing American culture, and values toward college, its importance is increasingly questioned; although, its positives overshadow its negatives making it worth the cost. Preparing a student for the workforce is one main reason college is worth the cost, along with certain mental skills needed for a graduates chosen occupation. For most skilled jobs a college education can better one’s understanding and greatly improve their success, creating better benefits to secure their position. This is seen as “A liberal education… helps us to address problems and potential in our lives with passion, commitment and a sense of possibility,” as stated by Michael Roth. This statement shows that a college education could always be helpful in one’s life…show more content…
With greater ability and mentality for success, college graduates are seen by employers to have the experience needed to earn a higher wage. As stated by Pew Social & Demographic Trends, “Adults who graduated from four-year College believe that, on average, they are earning $20,000 more a year as a result of having gotten that degree.” This is rightfully given to graduates because the large amounts of money, time, effort, and learning they went through to graduate college. Despite this some still argue that this higher wage is not capable of paying off student loans accumulated from four years in college, however, over a number of years the debt would be increasing faster and higher than those who would be increasing faster and higher pay. In conclusion, an ever growing unemployment level of college graduates, is leading to an ongoing debate of the necessity of a college degree. However, a college degree is worth the cost: it helps in preparing a student for the workforce and mental skills needed in their line of work, it can cover skills regarding nearly all forms of jobs, and it insures higher wages for most
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