College Essay About Being A Catcher

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When someone tells you that you 're too small, too little, or not strong enough, you should use that to your advantage. If you still work at it and you use that as motivation, you have something that no one can take away from you. That is pride. I was about 5 years old. Every day my brother would come home from school, get his homework done as fast as possible and we would play catch. From about the time when I was just a little kid, to the time that my brother James graduated high school, he always sacrificed his time to make me a better baseball player, athlete, and a teammate on and off the field. Ever since I can remember, I always loved playing catcher. I always wanted to be the guy who commands the whole team, like an army general in World War II. Being a catcher means that you have to be the captain of the team. You can save a game, or you can blow a game. That is what I was all about. But all the time, whether it was at tryouts, at practice, or even just with my friends, I would get told that I am too small to play catcher, or…show more content…
I was growing more and I wasn 't hearing things like, "You are too small," and "You are a catcher??" It was not just what people were saying. It was how I was playing on and off the field. I felt very honored to participate in an All-Star event a few months after my baseball team’s season had started. I felt and knew in my brain that this was working. After finally being upset with always being too small, I finally started using it as motivation and the results were already showing on the field. I had a great experience at this event in Waukegan. Our team ended up winning the tournament, we were awarded with rings and a very memorable time. Overall, If your start using things as motivation, instead of a reason to be sad, chances are, the results will be in your favor. And not the person who told you
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