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Even if you have known a person for a long time, you will be astonished to know that they have different identities. Some people may be silent when they’re with you and be happy and talkative with their family. If you think hard enough about yourself, you can notice your different identities even if you think you only have one. It may take some time, but soon you will be able to recognize your different identities. I can recognize my different identities when I’m gaming, with friends, and at school. It’s easy for me to recognize my gaming identity. When I’m gaming, I usually always feel impatient, focused, and sometimes aggressive. I would feel impatient because I hate waiting for the game to load or when nothing showed up at all. When the game does work, I’m focused and driven to complete the goal or quest. I also tend to get aggressive as I’m playing the game. I get aggressive because of people who…show more content…
When I’m with friends, I like to talk a lot and sometimes laugh at what they say. I’m also active when I’m with my friends and I ride a bike and play soccer with them. When I ride a bike with them, I sometimes do tricks or ride super fast because I’m eager to try something new and I feel alive and free as I go fast or do tricks. When I’m playing soccer with friends, I’m determined to make a goal and I’m very energetic as I’m playing. I also have fun as I’m playing soccer and make sure I’m playing fair so everyone else has fun. My last identity is when I’m at school. At school, I’m positive, responsible, and always open-minded. I’m positive because I always try to help others and try my best not to discourage anybody. I’m also responsible at school. I make sure I turn everything in on time and that I’m on time to classes. And, I make sure that I’m prepared for all my classes and that I’m focused on my teachers so I get good grades. Also, it’s why I’m effective on my

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