College Essay About Sacrifice

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Making Sacrifices There are many ways to sacrifice that can lead to either good or bad situations. Making sacrifices are decided by the person who wants to determine the outcome of any given situation that 's present. It was about 7 months ago and during that time I was playing basketball and suddenly a POP happened on my left knee. I knew something horrible had occurred but I didn 't really put that much attention to what had happened. Later on after 2 months passed I was beginning to feel my left knee being a little annoying while doing daily activities and I immediately took action and went to the doctors for an MRI. It turns out I had torn my lateral meniscus which is the cushion-shock absorber to the knee. I knew…show more content…
Every movement that I did with my left leg felt as if I were to stay like this forever. I kept thinking about the negatives "Will I come back from this?" or "Is this the end of my Active days?" It was just nothing but pure emotion and pain that I had gone through those 2 weeks and all I could think of were wanting to get back to playing basketball. Time passed later on and I was on the 4th week of my post-surgery and things were going as planned. My leg was beginning to move better and more painless than before. Those days of misery were over and I felt like my life was beginning to get back to normal the way it was. As of course many young athletes tend to want to come back faster in action and not wait any longer for recovery. I was one of those athletes ... and once the pain of my knee was beginning to fade I felt as if I was ready to get back out there on doing my regular routines, but I knew that I didn 't want to risk it on getting hurt again and wait another 6 more weeks to recover. I gave up 8 weeks just by recovering and at that time was the beginning of Basketball season so I 'd miss approximately half of the season. Just by making these sacrifices helped me on my journey back into doing regular activities like walking and minor jogging. I knew later on the road that I would return and be stronger than ever before just sacrificing my own
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