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I will never forget the day my life was changed forever; the day I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In the matter of 24 hours, I was taught how to calculate carbohydrates, check my blood sugar, and give myself insulin shots. Among learning how to act as my own pancreas, I was told I could do anything I could have before my diagnoses. I took this statement to heart and never let diabetes stop me from reaching my goals. One of my biggest goals is to graduate college. My Type 1 diabetes certainly makes this difficult at times, but I will not let it stop me. The main reason diabetes is a barrier for me attending college is the stress and demand it adds to my life. Just like every other college student, I have the stress of classes, homework,…show more content…
When my blood sugar doesn’t fall within the tight ideal range, my ability to function is impaired. My blood sugar levels can give me headaches, blurred vision, and an upset stomach. Symptoms also include fatigue and the inability to focus. All of these things can interfere with my ability to complete schoolwork and attend classes. The immense amount of work I do daily just to function is invisible to most. No one sees the struggle but diabetes Is relentless and demands me to be attentive to it every hour of every day. Diabetes is certainly debilitating, demanding, and draining; however, I have still found positives in my disease. Type 1 Diabetes has given me tremendous strength, motivation to live healthy, a better perspective on life, and purpose to my future. After living 10 years with diabetes, I have learned plenty about how my body does (and unfortunately doesn’t) work and how to keep myself as healthy as possible. I am currently majoring in Health & Human Physiology and am hoping to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health. My goal is to use my experience with Type 1 Diabetes to find a job where I can help others overcome their barriers and live a healthier life, like I have learned to do

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