College Essay: How I Have Learned In High School

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English Essay During my many years of high school, I’ve learned many life skills and importance. Many important lessons are learned through failures and others are learned through observations. These lessons and skills helped me combat through all the struggles I would’ve fallen to. Many lessons I have learned throughout my life include learning the value of money, learning the importance of a post secondary education, and learning how important friends and family are. I am incredibly thankful for learning these lessons as they helped me tremendously. The value of money has always been bizarre to me. Coming from a teenage kid who gets all his money from his parents, I never understood how important money is. I never understood the value…show more content…
Knowing how much you really need your friends and when down. Getting a lot of friends is amazing. Keeping close friends close during rough times and turn a bad situation upside down. It can lighten up the mood and cheer you up. A real friend would be there for you no matter what, support you through the rough times, and cheer you up when you really need to. Not only did I understand the importance of family and friends, I also became a better friend and person. I’ve learned from my mistakes and observed others to improve my own mistakes. It made me a better family to my parents and grandparents. I’ve respected them way more and am thankful for their presence everyday. They are the reason I am here today. Not only am I a better family member, I also try to improve my friendship to all my close friends. I try to be supportive in their rough times, help them in need, and have fun with them when they need me. Friendship and family is the reason I keep going everyday. Without friends and family, I wouldn’t know how to live life anymore. I would be alone and depressed but thankfully I found myself a great group of friends and have a loving family. They are all so important to me and I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I have become a much greater and better person than I was before all thanks to my friends and
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