Is College Worth The Cost Essay

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Is college worth the cost?
Every and each day instructors teach education and train graduates right out of highschool that are not able to attend a college because of all the mind blowing expenses that have to go into just enrolling. You could always apply for financial aid and get help with the cost of it. Now there are good advantages from a college degree that make a big impact on how much money you'll earn or the amount of hours you work then just having a highschool diploma. Later on those debts will get paid of and you'll be debt free by your good paying job. college is worth the money because you can get a degree that will set you up for a good job with a high salary and with that you won't have to spent years paying off your debt.
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you'll will be in debt sill and a high paying job wouldn't be guaranteed.
”It has been proven that people who at least graduated from a four-year college on average make 20,000 more a year then a person who has not been to college nor has a degree”. (Survey of General Public). you have a greater chance at getting a good paying job if you have a college degree.
Concrete detail- “going to college will also prepare you for life it self, it will make you wiser and smarter in your decisions”.( Survey of General Public ). college is not easy, infact its pretty tough you have to be responsible and work hard for what you want to get and that prepares you towards other situations in life that you will later on face. with a degree you have greater chances of getting a good job.(Survey of General Public )
If there is a good job opportunity that you absolutely want and you know you'll have a good chance at it because of the years of experience you had but youre going up against someone that has a degree but zero experience then that person has an good chance of getting it then you
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