College Essay: Is College Worth The Cost

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Is College Worth the Cost ”If you get this wrong, it’s actually a mistake that’s hard to undo for the rest of your life.” (Wieder 2) Students spend on average $9,410 a year on instate college tuition and out of state is excessively more coming in at $23,890 a year. This merely covers the cost of tuition and even those costs are rising every year. Many students fall into debt trying to afford rising tuition and the cost of living, but is the price of the degree worth it? College is not worth the cost because it causes excessive debt, students do not graduate, and college degree does not guarantee learning or job preparation.
A disturbing amount of students do not graduate college. Prospecting students may feel college is the only option, but studies show that “nearly two million students who enter college every year, close to forty-five percent will not graduate even in six years, largely because of low classroom attendance”(Reynolds 1). Students throw thousands of dollars out the window on college because students are not even bothered to show up to class. In addition, student money and government funds are simply being wasted on students who aren’t even willing to attend classes which leads to students not graduating with anything but debt. In addition, numerable students end up leaving college because classwork is too difficult and stressful. Students are often put through such a large amount stress dropping out seems like the only choice they are given when the cost
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