College Essay On Cheating In College

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Brianna Townes Comp 1 Ratliff 10/22/14 Cheating in College According to the Boston Globe, cheating in college has remained the same since first measured in the 60’s. You would think that over the years, as much as our culture has changed it would have increased. Especially with how easy it is to look up and copy things off of the internet. There are several reasons why kids want to cheat but sometimes what they don’t realize is cheating comes with consequences. While this may or may not tell us a little something about ourselves or just people in general, it clearly indicates that whatever is being done to stop cheating isn’t working. According to, studies of student’s behavior and attitudes show that a majority of students…show more content…
Cheating may sound like a good idea when you forget to study for a test, or can’t complete a research paper on time, or failing a class but the consequences of cheating range from a very wide variety. Anywhere from temporary academic difficulties to serious legal problems. You can even have permanent reputation damage if you are not careful. It can permanently haunt your academic career. Cheating often goes on student’s transcripts and this can interfere with one’s ability to transfer schools or attend any kind of graduate school. Sometimes the professor may not even take disciplinary action but word gets around fast, especially if they were to tell another colleague. Then again you can also get kicked out of college completely and then it would be extremely hard for you to be able to get accepted in to any other college. There are several consequences to cheating and students should really consider if it’s worth losing everything over. As the internet makes cheating easier than ever and colleges become more competitive there needs to be some action taken place to stop it. Professors need to start cracking down and tighten the rules on classroom behavior during exams. The best long-term solution may be to take a societal approach. For cheating to be reduced student’s need to realize that it isn’t just something that can’t be
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