College Essay On Color Blindness

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I have been colorblind for about eight years now. I first got the symptoms when I was eight, and I am now sixteen. I have acquired this blindness because of a disease that damaged the optic nerve of my eye. Due to this disease, it has caused me to be made fun of how I dress, what colors I choose when drawing, and many other things that will take too long to name. Although I dread going to school, it makes me feel like I have done something productive during the day instead of sitting around my house watching Netflix while eating a whole Chips Ahoy box. Anyways, that is what I’m doing now, getting ready for another dreadful day of school. I used to get my mom to help me pick out clothes when I was first diagnosed with color blindness,…show more content…
I fled up the stairs to get to my locker before the second bell rings. Once I got all my books I need for my first two periods, I walked into my first period class and sat down in my usual chair. The next two days were the same. Two periods I didn’t like as much and the two periods that I have the most fun in. I slept in this morning since it was Saturday and since I didn’t have to leave to go to the mall with my mom until around 10. Once I woke up, I turned on my TV and started watching The Arrow, one of my favorite shows. It was almost 9:30, so I decided to start getting ready. As I astonishingly watched the show, I picked out my outfit for the day. I chose a pair of leggings, a Texas Longhorns shirt, and my checkered Vans and laid the clothes on my bed and let the shoes drop to the floor. I put on my favorite perfume and lotion as I do mostly every morning. During the process of not trying to stab myself in the eye with my mascara after I got dressed, I sprayed more perfume on my outfit and my jacket I decided to wear. As you could probably tell, I love feeling like I smell good. I cannot go out in public if I second-guess how I smell or how I appear to
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