College Essay On Cosmetology

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I have always enjoyed the art of cosmetology because it helps bring out people's features, makes them feel more confident, and there's always different looks for everyone. I remember when I would get my hair done, being so intrigued by the art that came from it. How changing the color of someone's hair can change there whole look, or how a simple haircut can bring out certain face features. When I first started doing hair and makeup, I was not very good, but the more I kept practicing the better I got. On the other hand I have always been pretty good with doing hair. I have done varieties of things such as curled, straightened, dyed, and styled hair. Once I got good at doing both, people started asking me to do their hair and makeup for different occasions. After high school I would like to attend Honolulu Community College and chase after my dream of becoming a cosmetologist. Once I have graduated from college I will work my way into a salon, which can help me gain more experience and skills. I will continue to practice on other people to expand my makeup skills with different techniques. Years after that I will own my own beauty salon in downtown LA and do a variety of peoples makeup and hair. Once I achieve my goal of opening up my own beauty…show more content…
My parents always told me that they would support me regardless of what I wanted to be. They have help me in many ways, such as helping me pay for college, buying me makeup and hair products, tips,advice,and by giving me feedback on my hair and makeup skills. Not only is my family very supportive but my friends play a big role as well. My friends have always gave me opportunities to practice on them. They also help me by always being truthful towards me. If something looks bad they will tell me. By them doing that they help me grow as a person and I without them I would not be where I am
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