College Essay On Feminine Words

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All my "feminine" words are untouchable, palpable, and intangible things. For instance, laughter is a feminine word. We are unable to touch laughter even though we can hear and feel it. History is also a feminine word. It is written down on the paper; it is spread from mouth to mouth. But we still can 't catch it or touch it. Umbrella and diamond are two of all my "masculine" words. We are not only able to see these two objects but also able to hold them. We can put hands on these objects in any way. Concrete or abstract, touchable or untouchable, and tangible or intangible are the basic ground of my division of words. I divide them into "feminine" or "masculine" list based on it. Feminine words are not solid objects, which tend to be more abstract. Instead,…show more content…
Concrete and tangible as the trait for masculine words represent males are more reliable, important, and capable. Therefore, males become the leader and center of the society. Females tend to be marginalized like those abstract feminine words, which we barely able to touch. However, abstract things are as important as concrete things. Could it be said that history is less valuable than diamond? It is the same for males and females. Sometimes, we are lost in stereotypes when we concern masculinity and felinity. Women are not as strong as men; women should be submissive and obey their husbands; men should be tough and never cry; men are always the center and top. But as we known, there are women who are more capable than men, and there are men are emotional and cry. Who defines "masculinity" and "feminity"? People aren 't words, which we can categorize into feminine or masculine lists. We are more than just male or female. We are first individuals and then men or women. Gender should never become stereotypes and obstacles on the way to pursuing equality for every
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