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A lot of America’s veterans are now having to live on the streets after coming home from combat. and a problem like this should not be occurring. There are close to 50,000 homeless veterans here in America. This is due to the lack of support networks for returning veterans and also the substandard pension veterans receive. There have been efforts to combat this problem but it is still a large problem all across America. Something needs to be done to really help these veterans and get them back on their feet. If I had one year to organize a volunteer project I would devote my time to really helping these veterans. The plan would be to organize a group of volunteers here in Charlotte, North Carolina (because it is a local problem) and open up a place to feed the homeless veterans specifically. If I could do this project how I wanted to I have a lot of great ideas. I saw one program that gave out gently used suits to homeless people to wear for job interviews, and I would like to incorporate that idea in. This building would serve as a place where veterans could come and get a home cooked meal made by volunteers and be able to sit down and have a conversation with other veterans who know what they’re going through.…show more content…
These qualities included not being afraid to speak my mind, being confident in what I do, and conveying myself in a proper and presentable manner. Being a lifeguard I was required to teach groups of kids swimming lessons. The kids in these groups ranged from 3-7 years old and sometimes there were about 8 kids in a group. Managing these kids was certainly no easy task but with what I was taught I got the job done, and even received some requests to teach kids the next time they came for

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