College Essay On Professional Wrestling

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We all have dreams and after college is all finished, we will be pursuing them. Some of us we 'll be heading into a career in teaching, maybe a career in the medical field, some of us need multiple years of college to achieve our desired profession, some maybe just two or three. But in my case, I actually don 't need any college whatsoever to join my profession as I want to become a professional wrestler. Yes, the stuff you see on TV like the WWE. In many cases, the dream of becoming a professional wrestler is something that 'll go away with age because when people get older, they normally will come to see it as childish and fake. And thats exactly how I was untill a few months ago, my good friend reintroduced me to the sport of professional wrestling and I remembered why I loved it so much when I was younger. Professional…show more content…
It helps to have that sort of athleticism when entering the sport, but on the other hand, the majority of professional wrestlers competing today,were once just people who walked into a training center with a dream. With that being said, while I don 't need a college education to pursue my career of choice, it 's always smart to have a college education because you have better access to a steady job on the side to help pay for training and traveling. And when you first start out in the sport of professional wrestling, the money isn 't enough to support you as you 'll be performing at small shows normally in front of an audience of 50 plus people untill you get scouted and invited to perform at bigger events where the money will be much better. You need a great deal of skill to go forward in the sport of professional wrestling, both physically and mentally. A wrestlers best friend is the audience, you need to get a pop from the audience everytime you enter the ring. A "pop" is the reaction from the crowd when you walk out for your match, if the crowd likes you alot, then your chances of getting pushed for bigger spots on events is
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