The Value Of A College Education

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Albert Einstein once said, “The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think.” This statement applies today more than ever. In a society where technology is rapidly expanding, it is almost impossible to do well in life by relying solely on the facts you learned in school. People must continue learning and figuring things out by themselves while having to deal with new technological advancements coming out all the time. In today's society, a college education is necessary in order to secure a good paying job. Although college is costly and has some amount of risk, a college education is ultimately worth it.
There are financial benefits of attending college. Firstly, college graduates
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Over the years this can be paid back while still having more money than those who didn’t go to college. The article by Adam Frank, “What Is The Value Of an Education In The Humanities,” also says, “Average cost of higher education is more than $128,000 at a private school, $96,000 for out-of-state residents attending public universities and about $40,000 for in-state residents at those same public universities.” As clearly seen, if you choose certain colleges, the costs can go down dramatically. This will result in an individual's college debt to become easier to deal with and let the new graduate to even keep some extra cash in his or her…show more content…
First of all, those that go to college are more likely to participate in politics. Nick McCrea, in the article, “College Degrees Get You Dollars, But What Else?” states that college students are 5 times more likely to participate in politics. By going to college the students are able to understand just exactly how politics in the world works. Adam Frank reported in the article “What Is The Value Of An Education In The Humanities,” “Without a base in humanities, both the students — and the democratic society these students must enter as informed citizens — are denied a full view of the heritage and critical habits of mind that make civilization worth the effort.” This information is obviously useful throughout life and can help the graduate better him or herself and those around them. The Association of American Colleges and Universities says that colleges all around the country try to promote political activeness in many ways. These include creating civic space, including politics in course studies, and by promoting a culture of civic engagement; these strategies seem to prove effective too. In an article written by Mikhail Zinshteyn, “College Freshmen Are More Politically Engaged Than They Have Been In Decades”, he shows that college freshmen are more politically engaged than ever before. With this new understanding of politics, graduates are able to
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