Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Go To College?

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Somewhere along the way Americans began supporting the idea that all students should go to College. Students get the idea by the time they are in middle school that they need College to be successful. There are so many loopholes around college as well as evidence showing that having a degree doesn’t mean person A makes more money than person B. College isn’t for everybody, and people can go get their 3 year degree only to find out that the whole experience wasn’t worth anything to them and now they have all their student debt to deal with. College, unfortunately, is very expensive; However, in America we have many options for students to pay for their education, almost all ways of paying tuition put students in debt. A chart that uses information from The U.S bureau of labor statistics shows that “The bottom quarter of earners with a college degree don’t make more money than the average high school graduate.” If someone is getting put in debt…show more content…
Part of the college experience is about meeting people, making friends; but even this isn’t for everybody. If anyone even tries to go to a school that is outside their socioeconomic class than they are at such a large disadvantage for making friends with anyone. Bobby Allyn wrote an article about his experience as a working class man going to a very prestigious college. Allyn says in his article, “College is supposed to be a time of self-reinvention, when students discover who they are and decide on career paths. But for me, it has been a time of social readjustment.” When it come to the social aspect of College, students are forced to stick to their social class which is a complete dice roll for if the College selection is good or not. Anybody with an introverted personality are also at a disadvantage or maybe even the social aspects of College don’t concern most introverts. College could also end up being a really embarrassing time for a lot of people and unenjoyable
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