Why Am I Interested In College Essay

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When I was 17 years old, I wasn’t excited to go off to college to do more school work. I figured since I didn’t enjoy high school as much as others, a college would be even tougher to enjoy and probably not end well. Throughout high school, math was a subject that caught my attention briefly and I always questioned if anything other than basic math was important. I completed high school algebra even though I knew I would never use it in my daily life. And I didn’t. I also realized that part of the reason why it would never be used was that my job choices didn’t require it, which meant, more than likely I wouldn’t be paid what I wanted to really make in my career. So, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and started to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Well, here I am. And of course, one of my first courses are Algebra.
After working with the military for almost 12 years, algebra was basically essential in my daily
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After reading an article titled,” Why is Math Required in College?”, most of my suspicions were true. I understand that the article featured opinions of mathematicians and some seem to agree that businesses don’t really mind how well you may or may not know actual math. Degree plans are put together to exert the human mind and get the creative juices flowing at different levels for career purposes; and at one point, I really thought every single course in a plan directly influenced the type of job a person could get. In other words, if you didn’t complete physics, there is no way you could become a teacher of some type. The article altered the way I view math tremendously. I now see why its considered to be very important in the eyes of hiring companies. If you can’t analyze situations and think at a deeper level to solve problems or the concerns of a business, that business may fail. And every easy answer that solves an issue may not be the best answer to solve that
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