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3 college football teams that know how to make an entrance (-- removed HTML --) College football is huge in the US, and the pomp and circumstance of a game day almost rivals that of an NFL game. One of the biggest parts of a game day ceremony is when the home team makes their entrance. Some college football teams make more of a production of this than others. Check out these three college football teams that know how to make an entrance. 1. Clemson University Clemson University is in South Carolina; their football team, the Clemson Tigers, knows how to make an entrance. The Tigers have a crazy interesting history as to why their entrance is the way it is. The team actually exits the stadium and takes buses up and around the stadium so they end up on one of the end zones. Above the end zone is the hill and Howard’s Rock. The team stands at the top of the hill and runs down it together. Before they run down it they touch Howard’s Rock. Howard was a previous coach of the team and brought back this rock from…show more content…
Virginia Tech The Virginia Tech football team’s entrance is more about ramping up the crowd than it is about a tradition. For starters a marching band plays (like at most college football games) and there’s a bunch of cheers that make their way through the screaming crowd. Next Metallica’s Enter Sandman starts to play, amping up the crowd even more and causing some of the band to jump. Finally the team runs out after the crowd has been amped up sufficiently. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) 3. The University of Colorado Boulder The University of Colorado Boulder’s football team, the Colorado Buffalo’s, chases after a real live buffalo for their entrance. We’re not kidding. They have a buffalo in a pen that’s been harnessed and has a couple of cowboys holding the reins. They release the buffalo and run along beside it and the football team runs along behind

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