College Football Game Analysis

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Recently, with and without the power of instant replay, college and professional football officials have been making outlandish calls that have changed the outcome of games. The NCAA and the NFL actually suspended the referees for one game and sent out letters to the teams saying that their was a mistake, and they should have won the game. These athletes have dreams of making Superbowls, high quality bowl games and the college football playoffs by earning the right to play in them with great team play. Now, with the power that the officials have been given with instant replay and with simply making bad calls; they have been taking away the players dreams that they rightfully earned with many years of dedication and hard work. The officials…show more content…
Badger fans raged in anger at the officials by chucking chunks of ice and snowballs in the direction of them after the 13-7 loss to Northwestern. They erupted with anger after a very controversial call on Joel Stave’s game winning touchdown pass on the last play of the game. The referees made the completely wrong call saying that the receiver did not complete the process of the catch. In college football, one step in bounds is needed in order to complete the catch, and the badger receiver had three, and that is what the fans saw on the jumbotron. Therefore, when officials reversed the call, calling it a drop, the fans burst out in anger hurling ice and snow in the direction of the referees. That was very dangerous because many chunks of ice did not make the field and they hit many fans. They were like rocks; hard and painful. “Chunks of Ice were flying everywhere, making a dangerous situation created by the referees,” said Evan Webster who was in attendance at the game. Also, in the 8th grade school survey, 71% of people agree that officials have made dangerous situations while making bad…show more content…
In all three sports stories, the outcome was basically the same; because of the referees poor calls, the team that deserved to win the game lost, and that made the players and fans feel terrible. They were like funerals, sad and painful. Therefore, in today 's era many teams are losing when they rightfully won the game, and this should not be happening. The NCAA and NFL should only send officials that they know are going to make consistent and competent calls. If the referees make big mistakes, they should be suspended for more than just one game. They should get suspended for at least three games and potentially more depending on the severity of the error with calling the
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