College Football Players Should Not Be Paid

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College football is an arduous sport to play, it is stressful physically and mentally. Therefore, the players should be paid for their hours and hours of hard work. College football players should absolutely be paid for what they do on and off the field. Some think players should not be paid because education comes first, or that paying the players will make the school go broke. These college players need to be paid because it keeps players in school, players take risks on their bodies for their school, and being paid will help teach college football players financial responsibility. First of all, if these college football players were paid, it might keep more of them in school. In Craig Keolanui’s article he mentions “Getting paid to play in college can make it easier to stay in school when a player’s draft stock can be improved, experience at the collegiate level enhanced and education on and off the field furthered.” (Keolanui, Craig Page 1 The Sportster). If College football players were getting paid to play, more would stay in school because it 's like a job and they are earning a paycheck to support themselves. College players could …show more content…

Some would argue that college football players should not be paid for various reasons. One of these reasons is because they think the players are at college to get an education, sports are a secondary or extracurricular activity. The players are generating money for the school, which pays for school and other things around campus. Many people might say that it is unfair to the other sports that are less popular. Football is a very difficult sport to play, these players practice and practice, they need to be rewarded for all this work. Some think it is unfair that different players could get paid more than the other players. It all comes down to simply how much work you put into football and your skill level, if you try harder and are better than everyone else you deserve to be paid more than others who are not giving their

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