College Game Day Research Paper

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Some of the best parts of going to college are Game days for football during the fall. It can be seen as a wonderland for the person who likes the game of football or the person who just likes to hang out with friends. There are many ways of doing a college Game day like going to a bar and watching it or even going to the game. The way to go to a college Game day is to go to the stadium early and be part of the tailgate, then you go into the stadium and drink eat and watch your favorite team. The first step to having a great college football watching experience is to go early to the game and participate in tailgate. Tailgate is home to the true fans of what schools you are watching play football. Fan get to the stadium as early as 6 am the day of the game to start getting pumped for the game that may start twelve hours from then. The fans out at tailgate are very fun and it shows school spirit, which is a nice twist for people who may not believe that the school has it. Tailgates also hold some of the best-grilled food and…show more content…
College football games are very exciting because you have a true fan passion at the game. Compared to professional football games where most seats are bought out by corporations, most people in college stadiums are people who go or when to the school and the die hard fans of the team. At a big university like Alabama, when you go into the game and watch it, even if they are playing a terrible team or the weather is horrible, you will still have tens of thousands of fans sitting with you cheering on their favorite team. If you are not a great fan of college football, you can still have fun inside the game because you can watch the crowd. There are many things going on in the crowd spanning from people trying to start the wave or drunken people fighting over some sports fact that means nothing. It is an experience that can only be seen at the game because of the
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