College Interview Analysis

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College Interview By: Joseph Barnett Have you ever wondered what college was like, or even if you should go to college? Well, you should go to college. College is the best option to earn better jobs. With better jobs, you can also get better pay. Also, with college you can become a better version of yourself, so you are smarter. That is why you should consider going to college. Well then, here is a little bit more information about it. We have interviewed someone who has gone to college. She had just come home from work. She was still wearing her blue and white top, and her denim jeans. Her eyes were hazel, and her hair was long, thin and brown. Her experience in college: ”It was good because we learned specific thing’s you wanted to do for the rest of your life, not that I did,…show more content…
Those are the courses that had helped her deal with customers. What was the job you wanted to go to after college, and why did you choose that job? “I wanted to go to hotel management, that is because my high school councilor talked me into it. That is because the leeward side of the island was supposed to be the second city.” That is the reason that she had gone to college. How were you able to pay for college? She had worked as a church secretary, and she worked at hickory farm, and for her third job, she babysat neighbor’s kids. What were you friends like? “Their nice, some are older, and the other were my age.” Although she cannot remember what she liked about KCC, what she did not like was going to courses from 7:00 am to 6:pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also did not like that her first course started on one campus, and ended on the second campus. That is what she thought of college. So her experience in college was good. She went to college to get a job in Hotel management. She had a job to pay her tuition costs. So if you are still wondering what college is like, then you should try
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