Julie Margetta Morgan's Essay 'College Is A Safe Bet'

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Critiquing of “College is a Safe Bet” The essay “College is a Safe Bet” by Julie Margetta Morgan had a couple of problems in which the Author does not cite anything and her message is unclear. One must question how true something is if they do not cite any thing and it the information that they do give it incorrect according to the United States Department of Labor. Since the information it wrong then there is no reason to believe the rest of the essay. In the very first sentence then the author state some thing that is not true. The author says, “Plenty of evidence suggests that, on average, a college degree is worth it” (Morgan). The author states that there is an abundance of sources that agree with her point of view yet there is not one…show more content…
The transitions could have be made clearer if the author made the paper longer and spent a little more time on it. Since the essay is choppy then the message that the author is trying to comunitate. Which she seemed to state in one paragraph that one should go to college but in the next she gives reasons not to go. For example in the first paragraph she states that there is a higher unemployment rate for those that do not go to college but in the next paragraph she states that Bill Gates seemed to be doing just fine without a college degree. So there is a sense of unclarity concerning whether the author recommends people to go to college or not. The author seems to lean more towards going to college hence the title “College is a Safe Bet.” She could have made it more clear by adding a conclusion paragraph at the end of her paper. The essay “College is a Safe Bet” was not communicated as effectively as it could have which if it was just a bit longer then the correction could have been made and it would have been a supreme essay. Yet since the author did not then it was lacking in information resulting is it not being as effective as it could
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