College Is A Waste Of Money

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One evening in the late spring young adults nationwide graduate to end another chapter of their lives. Some students realized college was an experience, an adventure; college molded themselves to who they have become. College education has changed their mindset as individuals. However, several students think that college was a waste of time and a waste of money. Although college has few benefits for young adults, most critics debate that college too expensive for an individual; college is worth it and college does have value.

For many high school graduates, higher education is out of reach because of the cost. College tuition raised tremendously over the last fifty years. Most parents (ninety-four percent) surveyed say that they want
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But, it is not. When the worth of college is about finding who you are as an individual, exploring what careers interest you, and meeting lifelong friends, the worth of college is valuable and precious. Growing as an individual is a large worth of college. Students discover what they want to do, to improve with the skills of that career, and develop learning skills in that profession (Roth). The personal growth of individuals improves their capability later in their life. College is identical to an engine. Students use the engine as a start for their career. While there are jobs offered to high school graduates that can make themselves feel more happy for earning some money (Crawford), college has a precious value because college “help students to discover what they love to do, to [improve] at it, and to develop the ability to continue learning [and] they become the agents of change” (Roth). Graduating college, students can increase the quality and potential of their future career and life. College could seem to be worth…show more content…
Once critics take into consideration of the worth and value of college is the personal growth and character of students, college then seems to be worth it, but there is a broader range of people affected by students attending and graduating college. Society as a whole is transforming to being more adaptable, foster more intelligent people, and people can be more open-minded. Society is changed by college because college is an “experience of free research, thinking and expression: and ideally it inspires us to carry this example, this experience of meaningful freedom, from campus to community” (Roth). College nurtures critical and complex thinking of many individuals that combine to form a greater society (Roth). Attending and completing college, students can work together to solve complex problems. These students are the agents of change who have the power to create productive work in the world (Roth). College can be worth
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