College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Critical Analysis

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In the articles “Stop Scaring Students” by Devorah Lieberman and “College Is a Waste of Time and Money” by Caroline Bird, the authors debate the value of college education. This topic is vital to a college student's success because the articles may help mold their decisions. While Lieberman and Bird’s opinions may differ, they share a common interest- to educate students on their options after high school.
In “Stop Scaring Students”, Devorah Lieberman argues that a college education is still a valuable investment in today’s world. First, Lieberman accuses some news agencies of “short sighted reporting”, meaning that these news outlets are only giving one side of the overall story, which intimidates potential college students. The author asserts,
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Initially, the author points out that many college students are dissatisfied because they enrolled for the wrong reasons. The author discusses how many students attend college because it seems fun, because of parental pressure, and because they receive financial support without working (Bird 217). This means that although many students pursue higher education, few of them are motivated by passion or ambition. Next, Bird insists that many people can find professional success without attaining a college degree. Bird says “… a college diploma no longer opens as many vocational doors” (224). This indicates that a college degree is not as beneficial as it once was. Finally, Bird suggests that there is no guarantee of return for the financial investment of acquiring a college degree. The author states “College fails to work its income-raising magic for almost a third of those who go” (Bird 222). This proves that a college degree is not insurance for a higher income. Bird encourages students to take precaution when deciding on whether or not to attend college, because in the long run, it may not be worth the time and
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