College Journey Reflection Paper

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As I begin my college journey, this essay question offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon what I aspire to accomplish and learn from my college experience beyond obtaining a degree. I must admit that I am excited about enrolling in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and the places that I believe I can eventually go with that education in hand. However, it is also interesting to ponder how much broader this experience can be and to fully consider the breadth of issues that I believe I will have a better understanding of after college and before I enter the “real world.” I think the first big issue I will encounter and hopefully master over time is what it means to live independently. For most of us, after…show more content…
As a student-athlete, I will have to learn to work with new teammates. In living away from home for the first time, I will have to learn to appreciate my new roommates and discover a whole new community of friends. And in the classroom, I will be thrust into many learning situations where I will rely on new classmates for various group projects and collaboration efforts. In all of these instances, however, I seek to be more than just a team member along for the ride. Throughout college, I hope to develop the confidence and ability to become an effective leader because I always strive to be a difference-maker, be it on the soccer field, in the classroom, or in my community. I believe that embracing this role will prepare me most appropriately to be successful, especially in a future career where I will have to share space, collaborate with, and lead co-workers. Achievement in these areas requires strong interpersonal relationship building and communication skills and are both areas I seek to improve throughout my college
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