College Level Writing Reflection

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In my four years of high school I have taken advanced, honors, and two years of advanced placement English courses. High school has so far prepared me to write fluently and effectively, it has also primarily prepared me for the kind of writing that was required of me in this course. College-level writing is important to me because it has allowed me the chance to further my writing skills and knowledge of different genres of essays. Just this course alone has already taken my writing ability way beyond what I have accomplished at a high school level. College-level writing courses are important because they will teach me how to better convey thoughts, ideas, and facts in simple and clear language. These courses will also help me effectively express…show more content…
The graded rubrics of my essays for modules one through four indicate that I was able to produce an essay with a clear purpose, coherent introduction, appropriate voice and tone, audience awareness, proper formatting, an understanding of the assignment, and an effective conclusion. The rubrics also proved that I am aware of how to create a strong topic sentence, and succeed in choosing an understandable and strategic order of paragraphs for each essay. At the start of this course I had trouble with applying my critical thinking and reading skills. In module two I was unable to fully develop my central idea, had no clear structure of support for my argument, and did not consistently establish my claims. In module three I was still struggling with applying these skills even though I improved by a letter grade. Finally in module four I was able to fully apply my critical thinking skills by providing superior support for my central ideas, while also providing specific and original details. I mainly focused on attempting to understand the basics of each genre of essay, and achieved this by looking over the assigned reading and doing my own research on the essay
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