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This essay holds the past of my life from the time I was in college to the time I reached here at “Namal”. This journey was not like the mainstream lifestyle. The times I enjoyed, and the times I faced hardships, all are mentioned. What I expected from life, and what it threw back at me. It also describes the many ways I handled hardships life heaved at me. Changes that changed me as a person, and what I gained from these changes. What was happening around me and what I did to avoid any horrible situations to come.
Changes, it’s a part of life. As man is born to the time he dies, he passes through many changes. These changes develop his thinking and the way he reacts to situations. In the same way, almost every human passes through the phase when he ends his school life and enters to a place where he takes time to adjust. Following that change, he ends his college life and enters a whole new phase of life called “University Life”.
“School”. This place can be defined as the first place where a person puts brick to build a strong base of his character. The stronger the base, the stronger the character. This is the place, after home, where he defines his character to be honorable or dishonorable. Moving on from this phase of life a student enters a more difficult and more important phase which is college, for higher education.
My Previous Institution
“College” is a word that lightens the minds of school kids. When a student is on a verge of starting his higher

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