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According to Eddy (2010), in order to be successful and effective, there is not a specific list of qualities for a community college president, but they should be multifaceted and ready to respond to a diverse range of situations. The American Association of Community Colleges ([AACC] 2005), the six competencies for leadership in community colleges are organizational strategy, resource management, communication, collaboration, community college advocacy, and professionalism. The following job description for a community college president demonstrates how essential these competencies are and the ways a president will need to demonstrate them consistently in their leadership. Institution: James Edwards Community College Location: Richmond, VA…show more content…
• A commitment to student-centered learning in an environment that encourages diversity. • Experience in management, finance and planning at the community college level. The successful candidate will also posses the following: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • A comprehensive understanding of and strong commitment to the community college concept, including the needs of non-traditional students and service learning programs. • Knowledge of current issues and trends in higher education, including the importance of engaging students, faculty and staff through technology. • Evidence of strong administrative skills in the areas of development, strategic planning, and facilities planning • The ability to communicate and advocate for the needs of the college at local, state and federal levels. • Evidence of community engagement through building partnerships with businesses, schools and community groups. • An appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity, with a proven record of fostering consensus and engaging with various groups. • The ability to design and implement marketing approaches for recruitment and retention of

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