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From the time students reach junior high, they’re constantly told that they’re supposed to know what their plan is after high school. Many students who don’t have a plan, are constantly reminded that they need to have their whole life figured out before they graduate high school. In “College Pressures” by William Zinsser, the author brings the issues of education systems to light and the unintended stress being brought upon students as a result. Having a deeper insight into his students academic fears, Zinsser uses this to his advantage by connecting to his readers. To better articulate the pressures put onto students, the essay transitions into letters of hopeless students slipped under the dean’s door at 4 A.M. Students who have papers, assignments, and tests all due the next day are full of fear and anxiety that their grades won’t be what they’ve imagined. As the master of one of twelve residential colleges at Yale, Zinsser describes many of…show more content…
Being a parent, they’ll do anything they can to make sure their child is successful. Even though it is meant with good intentions, is that always a good thing? The author answers this question by relaying a former students fear, seeking advice. The student has been accepted into Yale medical school. When asked if they want to be a doctor, they reply unenthusiastically “Well, my parents want me to be a doctor. They’re paying all this money and…”(Zinsser 439). Economic and Parental pressure works hand in hand. From experience, I know that I look at potential colleges from a financial standpoint because I don’t feel as if my parents should pay a lot of money for school. I also want them to be happy with how I’m using their money at college. Hence, teenagers are more prone to start out in a field that doesn’t truly make them happy because the economic and parental pressures are too much, they might as well give

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