College Readiness And Synthesis Essay

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College readiness is a topic of great importance to several groups, including the High school teachers who prepare the students prior to college, parents because they are aware that their children hopes and dreams of a bright future depends almost entirely on it, employers who desire qualified workforce with the ability to enable the companies to be productive and globally competitive, and the government officials who appreciate the value of having educated citizens (McCormick, 2011). However, it has been noted that a large numbers of high school graduates are not adequately prepared for post-secondary education therefore showing the need for a good college readiness school curriculum (Center for College Readiness, 2015). SLIDE 3 Data supporting the argument Rigorous course work like IB and AP in high school better prepares students for post-secondary education. They also ensure that more students successfully…show more content…
According to college professors roughly 42% of college students are not adequately prepared by their high schools to meet the rigor of college coursework (Center for College Readiness, 2015). SLIDE 4 - WARRANTS There is no doubt that a majority of high school graduates aspire to earn a college degree. However according to (Policy Report, 2013), only 68% of them enroll immediately in a four or two-year post-secondary institution after completing high school. Out of this low number that enroll in colleges, it is still observed that many fail to complete a degree. According to (Policy Report, 2013), only about 60% of students at four-year institutions complete a bachelor’s degree within 6 years of initially enrolling. The degree completion rates at two-year institutions are even worse. These data also shows that there is a need to prepare the students for college if we intend to achieve more college completion
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