College Readiness

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New definition of college-readiness and the significance of college knowledge
What is college readiness? Some people might think that getting all A 's and B 's and passing classes is the only way to be college ready. Yes, it does play an important part in being ready for college but there is more to it. To be college ready means that you have to be prepared to face the reality of the changing world, not only academically, but you also need to have knowledge and a good understanding of what the real world is about. You need to be able embrace the new challenge you 're about to face.
"College readiness can be defined as the level of preparation a student needs in order to enroll and succeed without remediation"(Conley,2007). Students need to
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The ACT test is a test based on the materials you learn in high school. This test measures whether you are academically ready for college or not. It covers the things students should have already learned in high school to guide them through college. The ACT is a normal test like the other tests, it covers the basic reading, writing, and mathematics. Then we have the SAT, which is a test like the ACT, that tells you whether you are college ready or not. This test is basically based on things they don 't teach you in high school. It also covers the reading, writing and mathematics skills that students need in order to be college ready. The SAT predicts what a student is capable of learning. The PERT is also a test students take to get ready for college. The PERT is defined as The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. The purpose of this test is to assess academic skills, verify college readiness, and determine course placements. Students in high school takes those tests to determine whether they are ready to do college level work in reading, writing and mathematics. "As a result, the scores students receive on state tests may not be good indicators of college readiness, but students may believe that passage of the state test is just such an indicator"(Conley, 2007). The scores that you receive on those tests also matter. The scores students receive on those tests don’t necessarily determine their intelligence or that if they get a low score they can 't get in college. The purpose of these tests is to determine how ready a student is for college. The Highest score a student can get on the SAT is a 1600, and a 21 on the ACT however, Different school requires different scores on different tests. Students have to make sure they get the scores the college they want to get into
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