College Should Be Free Essay

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There comes a point in every person 's life, where they have to make a choice.This time is graduating from high school. MIllions of high school students are asking themselves whether to continue their studies. But some of the students don 't get to choose due to financial restrictions. I believe that every student should get to choose if they want to continue their studies or not so, Should college to free for everyone. As it is said that,”Nothing is free in life” it also remains true with college tuition, one of the biggest arguments against a free college is the fact that the 6000$ per year fee for college would just be turned into taxes and now instead of just those few who want to get post-secondary study everyone will have to pay for…show more content…
If college were to be free the immediate problems would be the collapse of the entire college business industry and the fact all of the sudden taxes rise by a lot, but eventually as more and more people start to graduate from college and get jobs the economy would build and as many studies show that more educated people tend to make better decisions in life which will make us grow as a nation. A very successful nation in today 's society Germany has free college, it is also one of the key parts of the Bernie Sanders run. A free college would also lead to everyone having a chance to build a successful future for themselves other than those who can afford 20000$. Also currently what this college system fails to recognize that not every is degree is not capable of making back that tuition fee, so in short its only worth it to get a music,philosophy or arts degree if you have rich parents.If you don 't but like any of those topics, then it sucks to be you. And moreover, there are so much better stuff you could do with 20000$ like You could buy a Mini Cooper or You can invest it for 30 years and turn it into $265,353 at a 9% rate of return or You could buy 40,000 donuts which is enough to last you 109 years (without inflation and the cost of your heart surgery) so many people tend not to go to college. Only 24.2% of Canadians have a college education, now you
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